• What is CoolStuffNearYou?

    A place to find events and places near you

  • Who is it for?

    People just like you!

  • What kind of stuff

    Family-friendly stuff or Just-for-Grownups.. we have it all!

  • CoolStuffNearYou is a collection of great events and places to see and do near you. If you like to leave your house - whether on your own, with friends, or with family - CoolStuffNearYou is for YOU!
  • It's for YOU:
    You – the busy family who enjoys library events and local festivals
    You – the young couple who likes going to Wine Festivals, the Opera and a good Open Mic Nite
    You – anyone who likes to fill their days with fun stuff and explore cool new places
  • Unlike other sites, we don't cover the "big" events – concerts and sporting events. Sure, they'll be here, but we go deeper. Museums, libraries, Open Mic Nights, Just-for-kids events – we dig deep into local events to bring you cool stuff that really IS near you – not just in the closest big city.

Find Local Events

Looking for events that are truly local? CoolStuffNearYou really DOES cover the events that are near you - local theatre, family events, concerts, date-nights - we cover the stuff that the "big guys" miss. Plus, you dont have to waste your time scrolling through huge lists of events - just create your profile, tell us what YOU would like to see, and we'll do the rest!

Find Local Places

As we discovered when we were putting together CoolStuffNearYou, there are plenty of Cool Places that dont have events - so we've listed those seperately. From the well-known to the obscure, we have local places listed here that are fun to explore and discover. If you see your favorites here, please leave a review - it will help YOUR favorite place get the recognition it deserves, and it will help other visitors who are thinking of visiting!

Farm Fresh

When I was growing up in the 70s, if you wanted fresh produce, you needed to wait until they were in season. I remember begging my mom for grapes in…

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"CoolStuff really helps me discover new, fun events that are close to me. No more driving all over the place - there are a lot of fun things to do right down the street!"

- Karen C.

"I used to use Centered, but it looks like they're not keeping their information up to date - so I switched to CoolStuff and it's been great!"

- Teresa E.